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Would you like to create a prosperous business as quickly and efficiently as possible, avoiding long detours, costly mistakes, or missed opportunities?

Are you tired of hearing the word “NO” because the price is too high or the economy is bad?
Are you tired of feeling discouraged because everywhere you look, you see the competition?
Are you tired of “just getting by” when what you really want is reach the next level and thrive?

Instead of struggling, imagine:

  • Knowing exactly how to get around “I can’t afford it” and making the sale.
  • Having the edge on your competition, and enjoying a steady stream of your ideal clients.
  • Effortlessly doubling your income as you soar to the next level of success.
  • Leveraging your time with effective strategies that get results.
  • Feeling excited about your business and looking forward to your next client.

If these are the thing you’d love in your insurance business, then you’re in the right place and I’m glad you’re here.

I work with insurance agents who want more appointments, more sales and more income to enjoy the freedom that comes with financial success.

Having succeeded as a personal development and sales coach, it’s my passion to help you:

1. Become absolutely clear on your mission as an insurance sales person, AND immediately move into massive action that will result in more commissions.

2. Discover the unique strengths and talents that YOU possess and use them to generate more business.

3. Uncover and remove limiting beliefs that have been blocking your success (but you didn’t know it).

4. Create a reputation for being skillful, helpful and honest so that through your networking relationships clients will be calling you; and the will be glad to have found you.

5. Develop a sales system that uses your skills that makes you different from every other insurance agent.

6. Find the exact type of prospect that needs you – a niche…and then find more of them so you never run out of leads.

7. Build effective relationships with your ideal prospects, so they get to know you, like you, trust you, and invest in you.

8. Receive step-by-step guidance & support to do all of the above, so you know you’re doing what works and never feel lost or alone again.

I felt so much better about the future and
I could see clearer paths to greater success…


Debbie Gault
The Gault Agency

Before I got into Phil’s coaching class I was overwhelmed, not knowing the direction I wanted to go with my business. There was confusion as to what path to take because I needed new ideas to grow my business and serve my clients better. My thinking was very negative and I had a hard time feeling positive.

When I began coaching with Phil it was wonderfully inspiring. I felt so much better about the future and I could see clearer paths to greater success.

Owning and running my successful insurance agency presents challenges every day, but Phil’s coaching is still with me. My thinking is positive and I feel great as I see my clients happy and my business grow.

I have the ability now to accomplish more than I ever have, and I can thank Phil for that

Before taking Phil’s class I never understood what “made me tick.” My life wasn’t horrible but I always felt I could do better. After taking his class I feel that I understand the limitations programmed into my brain.

I know now that it wasn’t even me who put those limitations there! I have the ability now to accomplish more than I ever have, and I can thank Phil for that.

Matt Doolin
Mathew Doolin
Horizon Realty Group

Phil Shuart - Insurance Agent Sales Coach

About Phil Shuart

I coach insurance agents on how to overcome barriers to succeeding in spite of all the competition. Win more appointments, get more sales, and enjoy the freedom your business can bring. Just scroll up, enter your email to get the guide and I’ll talk to you on the other side.

Phil Shuart

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